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Album info

1. Rio ft. Royce The Choice & Kyle Stevens
Prod by. GMK
2. Finally ft. BRUCE ILLEST
Prod by. BlesOne
3. Dream Rules
Prod by GMK

The birth of the Be Brilly T stems from the designs of Kellen P's Green Hill Clothes & Mr Brilly himself, GMK (recording artist). The two brands had been fans of each other being from the same city (Seattle, Wa) & it was only a matter of time before they merged to make the official Summer/Fall shirt of 2010. As you can see there is a huge brain on each shirt, promoting that it is in fact cool to be smart & have brilliant ideas. Also, showing the most important part of the body in a more exuberant fashion. Big Brilly thank yous go to friends & family from both parties along with any & everyone who helped & is helping the shirt reach a high altitude. Last but not least, we thank YOU... Yes YOU for your time & purchase. Remember, Be Brilly in everything you do.

BeBrilly is the soundtrack to a brilliant life. We wanted to make something that musically encompasses what is happening with these shirts & when you wear them. Our biggest goal was where some stop we did not! This is a confirmation of how much we appreciate you. Hope you found your inner brilly.

Four different colorways are avaliable with the Be Brilly T. The designs & colorways were carefully chosen to compliment your fashion & own some Art of Fresh. The four shirts are, light blue with lemon yellow, black with violet, white with cyan, & athletic grey with strong pink. Each shirt includes the brain on the side spelling out the word Brilliant with a quote saying, "Find your inner brilly" -GMK. On the upper back center of the shirt, the shirt states the GMK&GHC collaboration.

Light Blue & Lemon Yellow

White & Cyan

Sold Out

Grey & Strong Pink

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